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Things are going to be happening in 2015 that will blow you away…..

Teaser Time….

The AO UniArm will be launched at a cost of: £1500.00 plus delivery.
The arm is available in either Silver or Black anodised, and is available in REGA or lINN geometry versions.

AO UniArm

The new AO UniArm to be released in 2015


We have fitted a high specification jewel stone bearing and tungsten hardened spike for absolute perfection and frictionless bearing movement.

This arm has four important features that where missing with some unipivot arms:

1. Headshell with slots
2. Arm clip that holds arm (and expensive cartridge) firm and safe
3. Massive thick arm tube
4. Proper arm cue that comes as standard so that you don’t have to drill holes everywhere on your plinth!
5. Available in either Silver or Black anodised, and in REGA or LINN geometry versions.

As you would expect,  you can remove the whole arm wand and replace with another, this may be helpful to some shops or customers with a selection of cartridges.

The expected cartridge to be used with this arm is something in the range of £1000 like an XX2 for example, that is what we are using for testing, and its fantastic! With a launch price of £1500.00 plus delivery, we expect demand to be high.

The new UniPivot arm has been launched in Loud & Clear in Glasgow, and as you can see in the photographs below, the arms looks incredible!


IMG_0399 IMG_0401 IMG_0402 IMG_0404 IMG_0407 IMG_0409 IMG_0413

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