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Stylus Cleaning Methods

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Hi all
just thought it would be interesting to take another look at a delicate subject. And that is stylus cleaning even if you no longer play records now how did you do it back then and know for that matter if you are still playing your records.

My carts are the Ortofon 2m Blue and Golding G1042

My most used cart is the 2m blue which I just brushed before and after play with the brush that came with it but I also sparingly use a liquid the Audio-Technica AT607a fluid and the stylus is still very good and is still the original stylus from when I got the cart in 2005

Now my Goldring 1042 is even older costing me £120 New so the price has increased somewhat into day’s money it was a trade-in with an Audio-Technica AT-F2 Moving Coil Cartridge. At the time and was not used other than a test setup on my Thorns TD 160 with my Audio Origami   foam-filled Rega RB250 arm 😎 until now as it's now back in play on my AR EB101

So only has about maybe 15/20 hours on it now and has only been cleaned by the brush method no liquids used So should I use this Audio-Technica AT607A. Fluid. As it did not harm the Ortofon 2M blue stylus but same may not be true of the Goldring 
so how would you go about it?

1. Dry brush only
2. Dry brush plus  sparingly use of the Audio-Technica AT607a fluid
3. A gel such as the Zerodust perhaps
4 Or do you have other methods.

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2. Dry brush plus  sparingly use of the Audio-Technica AT607a fluid 👍 👍