The “Audio Beat” PU7 Review

The “Audio Beat” has reviewed the PU7 on their web site, and we think you should pop over and have a read of the review, to see what Roy Gregory has to say about it!

There are tonearms that appear more exotic or refined, are prettier to look at or way more expensive to buy, but there few — very few — that make listening to LPs quite as much sheer downright fun as Audio Origami’s PU7.”

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  1. Im wanting to buy oil for putting down the spindle and before to clean it out could you send me a link to buy these items.thank you

  2. Oil was needed badly, i cleaned out spindle hole & it was dry, i got a little bit of dirt on the long Q tip, it took a full bottle of thick oil you provided to fill hole and only a tiny amount excess spilled over once i put spindle back in, you saved my Turntable from siezing up, still have one bottle of oil, Thank you all so much, i was able to set my cartride with the protactor provided

  3. The Best in the Turntable World my Manticore Mantra has never sounded so musical from the day i bought her back in 88, i know i need a new belt but will only trust Johnny and AudioOrigami family to sort a suiable belt out for me, i live in hope lads

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