Audio Technica 1010

Audio Technica 1010 Arm Cardas Internal

And Monster OFC External

Plus Anti Skat Gut Problem.

This lovely arm had some problems.
The gut on the anti skat had stretched…
It was 2mm enlarged..
Which would give about the first and second track of an LP NO anti skat bios


The Japanese build quality is very good.
Maybe not made for mortals to play with, but – we can help it a little!
Notice the client has used the counter weight backwards maybe to counter act heavy cartridge?

Cables out and we find a little bearing slap… Need to check the horizontal bearings

Bearings now cleaned… Mmm they look ok..

Tiny wee breaking in mark on left bearing… let’s check the right.


It’s even better.


And really close up @ x200 magnification…
Looks good.. The slight click was some play in the vertical bearings…
I made a slight J7 adjustment and now it’s gone.


Wire now needs replaced.

Here we see new plastic high tolerance plug and the extra earth.
This baby’s going to sing!


Where do all the bits go?


And cardas internal with silver solder and heat shrink will help 🙂


6mm double screen Purple monster and cardas internal…
It’s a killer combination!!


Gold earth tag… No extra charge…
Notice the ultra thin cardas dripping over the picture!


Cleaned arm…and it looks like new.
Arm cue serviced and rewired and now ready for sound testing.
It was fun!

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