Over the last few years, I had read many very positive comments about the work of Audio Origami.Through many years of experience I have learnt not to buy anything based on write ups, however when I took a gamble on buying a Source turntable which came with an Alphason Xenon arm, my first thought on getting it home were to contact Johnnie at Audio Origami and find out about a rewire. Having had a really helpful chat, I ordered Kondo internal wiring and cartridge tags, and the decided that as I had an pair of Audio Note ANv interconnects, could these be used as the external cable? This was no problem and within a few week the rewired arm returned, he had also made me a finger lift and new anti skate weight.


But it is not only the quality of the work that amazes you, but his level of customer service is something to behold, nothing is too much trouble, no question too stupid (and some of mine, may well have been).I subsequently bought a Technics SP10, and without hesitation I called Johnnie to talk through a 12” PU7, once more the attention to detail and passionate customer service. When my arm arrived it looked absolutely fantastic, the brass arm blending in with the Iroko hardwood plinth I had made for the SP10, and was spot on for the Audio Note Io1 cartridge which I had the arm matched to.If you are thinking about tone arms think Audio Origami!


Maisemore Associates Limited
Business Turnaround Consultancy


“I found audio origami casually in the web and I really surprised of the Johnnie’s works.
I sent my rega RB300 for a complete upgrade: internal and external rewiring with cardas connector 5 pin din, rear end stub and counterweight, polishing of the tonearm..Well, my Grado Signature wood now sounds wonderful; I never heard sound my vinyl’s so good. Johnnie is a great artist. In the next future I’ll sent to Johnnie a Rega RB250 for another wonderful upgrade.
Thanks for this grace; this is the state of the art in a tonearm for my opinion”Gabs from Italy

Hi J7 Just to thank you very much for the work you did on the RB300. It has now settled in and sounding fantastic-the detail from the bottom to the top is amazing and it is all done without any grain or strain.
The combination of the mods done by you, silver wires, head shell weight and counterweight have taken this arm into a new league.Years ago I heard a SME 20 turntable with a Koetsu cartridge-because of the years I cannot make a direct comparison but I am very much reminded of that sound when I listen to my modded arm- as I say  huge detail, wide frequency response and soundstage but without any strain whatsoever.I am happy to recommend your mods and workmanship to those seeking a major improvement in the quality of the sound from their vinyl setup. Thanks again!You will have to let me know the outcome of the tests for the damper potBest regards Martin


Dear friend,

So what can I say…I am truly truly overwhelmed with amazement and excitement…The arm is so gorgeous that it should better be kept under a glass and I will probably first admire it for a few days before I take a deep breath and think about mounting in on the deck.You are far too kind about my English and all the compliments, I do not find the words to describe how I feel after all those e-mails, your generosity and attitude, I will just say that if you wanted to make me happy you already did because I was looking for a good arm and I found much more. For me interaction with people is a source of happiness as much as music, and the experience I had with you is something that had not happened for a long time. I found someone that has profound knowledge in a field that I find fascinating, and you are a true professional. But most of all you made me feel safe and relaxed, you gave me the so rare feeling of talking to an honest friend and this is not a thing that happens everyday.I do not know what to call it or how to describe it but I feel as if I have known you all my life. I am not surprised that most of your customers feel like friends-you have the rare gift to make people happy, one can feel the love that you put in your work and that is what music is all about-love and friends, and you combine both. No words to truly express my feelings, just a big THANK YOU.I will probably write more when I get the arm but you can be sure that you have a very special place in my life and the arm will be kept and never sold, nor any of the weights. It’s more than just an arm now, it’s a gift from a friend. And you never sell these… Thank you Sir, with all my heart…Nikola

Can something as simple as the spindle lubrication make a difference to the sound?Yes it can.I must confess that I was slightly sceptical of whether this modification would work. That said, I wanted to give it the best chance to prove itself. Some of you may know of my recent turntable saga, which started with trashing my Roksan Shiraz cart and ultimately led to a Cardas tone arm rewire (a splendid job by Audio Origami on that and the cardas plug), converting to 3.5mtr balanced inputs from the tonearm to my World Audio Design Valve Phonostage so I could accommodate wall mounting my turntable on an adjacent wall. I’ve waited a few weeks to let everything settle and allow myself to get accustomed to the sound before getting round to doing the oil. Ideal opportunity tonight as Wife and baby are away for a couple of days.What can I say?Subtle it is not, at least not on my system. I reckon I’ve got a pretty good system buy most people’s standards, gives me plenty of detail. and before tonight I thought I was getting lots of detail from my vinyl – lots more since I wall-mounted the Orbe’d Gyrodec. and that’s taking into account running nearly 3 metres more tone arm cable than before.So what does the oil do?In a nutshell it lowers the noise floor to the point that there is so much more detail coming through. so what happens in effect is that the dynamic range increases. substantially. I’m listening louder than before – because I can. the background surface noise is so much less intrusive. so I’m finding that I’m compensating by turning it up a bit to hear the familiar vinyl surface noise, which is barely audible. Analogue recordings are obvious, even modern ones. I’m currently spinning Emilana Torrini’s fisherman’s Woman LP. it’s a 45 RPM as well and the tape hiss is audible behind the music (just) even without headphones.The Gyrodec/Orbe’s strengths lie in it’s bass, IMO, and also its weakness – the bass ‘bloom’. the way round it is well documented on the web – to decouple the arm board from the Mickey-mouse ears with sausage-shaped loops of blutac on the top and bottom of each armboard spacer or get the Gert Pedersen Arm board mod which does the same thing (it was renewing the blutac that caused the demise of my shiraz). The Audio Origami oil tightens up the bass even further, by orders of magnitude. more focus as well as bass detail, but never overpowering. Treble is sharper too. closer to the crystal clarity normally associated with CD but still unmistakably vinyl.One obvious side effect is that any scratches are accentuated a bit more, as are pressing defects.It’s just as well that the belt drive and motor slow the platter down when the motor is powered off, otherwise I think I’d still be waiting for it to stop spinning next week.If you haven’t already got some Audio Origami Oil in your turntable’s spindle, you’re not hearing the full potential of your turntable and vinyl. it’s that simple. it takes a few minutes to do. but be warned, you’ll be up all night with vinyl strewn everywhere…kennyK (booster oil)

Hi johnWell it’s a month or two since I last had the chance to hear my Garrard but been listening to it all day – it sounds fantastic with your arm mods. Really very VERY happy with it. It’s really opened the sound out, sharpened it up, and firmed up the bass! It’s a Garrard on steroids now – haha! I found the earthing lead was mandatory on my 301 – I attached one end to the underside of the chassis and the other to the earth terminal on my Creek phono stage.Thank you again for the transformation to my RB250 – it’s still looking great as well of course!John Mays (Hi-Fi reviewer)RB-250 strip and polish and rewire with cardas


Dear Johnnie,
The black beauty has arrived today. This is a stunning arm far and way better than my best expectation. Your pics didn’t give it justice.
This is the finest present I ever received from a friend. None friend of mine has never made as much as you for me. I’m proud to own a masterpiece of yours.
I want do my best to help you by CNC software if you need it again.I reserved to you all my free time now.
Your behaviour confirms me you are a great just man, deserving full confidence. Excuse me if I was diffident but, living in Italy, I learned to be very cautious and suspicious.
Unfortunately, cheats are everywhere in my country… and I’m not used to know fair men as you.
Thank you very much again for your FANTASTIC WORK!!!

small ovely strip job

Hi John,Early indications on the sound: BRILLIANT…!!!I had no idea any arm could sound so good. In the past I have used an Incognito rewired RB300 which I thought was quite good: but this arm leaves it dead in the water.I haven’t listened to it a great deal yet, but I have heard enough to realise just how good it is.Every aspect of the sound is improved dramatically, from the bass all the way though the mid-band to high treble. I have genuinely heard things on records I have NEVER heard before.What is really amazing is that the difference is noticeable as soon as the stylus hits the groove, even before the music starts. It is difficult to describe why this is the case, but it most definitely is. I think there is an inky blackness and a solidity of nothingness that was never there before. When it starts the music just comes from nothing. There is no vinyl roar or swooshing… just nothing…and then the music starts.I have been using my Benz Micro Ace cartridge and I had no idea it could be so good.Previously it was OK, but a bit on the ‘warm’ side with a ‘full’, and I think slightly bloated bass; it also seemed to lack some sparkle at the top end.In this arm, however, it is totally transformed. The bass is amazing (people who think a Sugden A21 doesn’t do proper bass, should hear this), the mid-band is still warm, but now with tons of detail and the treble is really smooth, but also with levels of detail hitherto lost to me. Some records sound surprisingly different with all these levels of added detail.What have I been missing all these years?

So far I have only tried the arm with the ‘decoupled’ weight. I will try it with the others to see what difference(s) they make.

So these are my first impressions. I shall listen further and let you know how my listening experiences progress: and I’ll then send you the photos of the arm mounted on the Spacedeck.

‘bye for now, and thank you so much,


(Booster oil kit)Yes, I got an Oil and everything else as you promised. I have to admit that your oil does wonders!! I just completed Lenco 75 modification project, building the plinth, changing the Tonearm, silver wiring… etc.Big part of it was to be able to clean the old oil and replace with quality one. Let me quickly update you on results of my small experiment. I done simple test measuring the time or how long it would take for platter to stop spinning, after I switch the tt off. Results are: On the 78 rpm, before oil change tt kept going for 34 sec.After I changed the oil, using the same settings, tt kept going for over two minutes. This is almost 5 times better. Use them as you wish, also feedback.Keep me posted. Regards, Mik

(mayware tone arm repair)
Hi john,
Had a good listen to the arm and set up the thorens properly sounds good suited to jazz, acoustic best I think not very convincing with rock. Would that be right don’t think the ortofon is suited though as a mc would be better with mm as its a high compliance arm is that right. thinking about rewiring rega next what rewire options are their cardgas I know but how’s that with rock? have noticed vocals sound really good with mayware. Anyway anuff waffling see you soon.

Cheers, Paul

Bloody hell your good!
You quoted a very small amount for repair – any chance I can get some cartridge nuts & bolts + an alignment protractor please? Many many many thanks for all your work on the arm, I shall let it be known that you are THE man for repairing / rewiring tonearms!
Thanks again , I’m very grateful , James.

(RB250 rewire)

Hi j7,
The arm arrived at 9.30 AM Tuesday and it looks superb. Didn’t get time to fit on TT till last night, it is the first time I have fitted a cartridge and it went ok. One query I have is why must the cartridge be aligned with the bias set to 0 ? I am very pleased with the sound, the soundstage is much wider and the bass is cleaner. Have you decided which CNC machine to buy? Thank you for all your hard work it is much appreciated.

Johnny da man Double to the 0 Seven…
Just saw the deck, superb arm and plinth. Damn, the sh1t’s well hot. Give yaself a pat on the back boyeeee. Okay, pistols @ dawn. I just done these speaker, Tannoy 2528 driver now paper coned by Speaker Dave in Hornchurch, Essex. Original cabinet now has 3/4 inch of oak bonded and doweled so now the sucker is dead and heavy. Babies sound killer now. Tannoys with more speed & less boom. Just gotta tweak up those classic’s me.
Rgds Paul

(Linn Akito bearing repair)

Arm arrived safely today. I have set it up on the deck, done all the checks and adjustments and the arm is in fine working order with a lovely light smell of oil.

Tested the arm out with a lovely 180g copy of ‘closing time’ by Tom Waits. My sincere thanks for helping me out – I look forward to many years of listening.

I will sing your praises from the rooftops to anyone that will listen! From your email last night it is clear to see that you have a passion for this kind of work – lucky you!

Few people get to do something they really enjoy. A nice insight into your training too.   Anyway, perhaps I will require your services in future – I hope to get hold of an LP12 at some point and will no doubt have a long list of questions and associated problems. In the meantime take care and the best of luck with your new Tone arm design.
Many thanks and best wishes, Gerry

(SYRINX PU3 rewire)
Finally fitted the arm (needed to make a new arm board – waiting for the paint to dry). Good to have it back in action – looking good and sounding good. Thanks again for the speedy turnaround.

(Linn Akito bearing repair)
Many thanks for the speedy work and return.. really 1st class.. all seems better; synergy between channels (as id expect) -plus refinement, ‘rightness’ and you can just sitting soak up the music- it almost sounds like a fresh arm! Ill post a thread on Pfm tmrw for you, as that was a very professional job.
Many thanks- RoryC.

(Booster oil kit) 

Hi J7,
Just to let you know ,I changed the oil (Changed it! there wasn’t any oil in it !!!) and I don’t know If Its just my Imagination, but it does sound sweeter, anyhow its got to have improved it giving it some lubrication.
Thanks, Mike

(Syrinx pu2 rewire)

John  The arm arrived safely thank you. I couldn’t resist taking it out of the box to have a look, it looks like a totally different arm. Won’t go near it again until the weekend though, as I don’t get home from work till late, and I’ll have to try it out once I’ve mounted on the turntable. Oh well, roll on Saturday. Thanks again Mark

(sme 3009 rewire) 

Hi John. After spending quite some time tuning the suspension and adjusting the arm and cart I’ve decided that it’s as close to “perfect” as it’s gonna get for now. 🙂 These old suspended decks sure aren’t the easiest of beasts to tame… I must say that I was quite impressed with the quick turnaround, one week from I delivered it at the post office until it was back with me. So how does it sound? A whole lot better than before that’s for sure! The bass got rid of it’s one-note effect. The treble is both more laid back and detailed at the same time. The soundstage has also gotten better with more depth. Overall everything is better but the most important thing is that everything flows more naturally and musically as a whole. So as you can see I’m quite satisfied. 🙂 Unfortunately my Ortofon VMS30MkII cart has just bottomed out on me prematurely. I guess that’s the risk you take when buying a 20 year old New Old Stock cartridge. Fortunately I ordered a spare original stylus so I’m in the process of breaking it in and it already sounds very good 🙂 (listening to Suzanne Vega – “Solitude Standing” at the moment). Before I had the arm rewired I used to run the Ortofon at 0.75g (recommended is 1.3g!) because it made the sound more lively. With the recommended force it sounded dead and boring. With the Cardas that is no longer a problem. That’s all from me now, might get back to you some time in the future regarding one of those brass rear weights. Enjoy the spring! Best Regards. Kim.

(rega rb200 arm repair)

Hi johnnie  Well it arrived with 7 minutes to spare.(royal mail next day before 1pm) after a lot of faffing on getting the angle right it works and wonderfully. I don’t think I told but I purchased a goldring 1042 cartridge from tony scott( the first new cartridge I have ever bought) I have some omni-directional sonab speakers ( with three inward facing tweeters!) in the sitting room and they sound brilliant. many thanks for all your help and assistance the cheque will be posted today Hope the cold is/gets better soon.
Best wishes, Jeremy

(Booster oil kit) 

Hi Johnnie, Received the oil kits, and changed the oil in my ariston rd 80 immediately. At the same time I renewed the drive belt…wow, the improvements are awesome, its now giving my linn a run for its money, yet cost a fraction of the price. Can’t thank you enough, I’m beginning to think I need to do some downgrading and THEN do some tweaking, using your great service.
Cheers Stu

(rega rb200)

WoW  I just had to have a break from playing some of my 20 year old + vinyl (the last one was a Cat Stevens original) as the multiple orgasms were becoming just a bit too much to handle at my age. Normally once a year is pushing it. I have never heard the Arcam with the Rega but it sounds superb, the traditional Rega/Grado “hum” has gone and the whole system sounds brilliant so now I’m of for another orgasm. If you want a recommendation you’ve got it, you have done exactly what it says on the packet and I’m delighted. Many, many thanks. Roger

(rega rb250)

What can I say…WOW!!!!  I’m not one to normally overreact, but I’ll make an exception here. Absolutely stunning. You said that my cartridge had very little wear. I don’t think that’ll be the case by the end of next week. You can tell I’m getting carried away. Oh yes it arrived this morning 08:40 . In and running by 09:45 still playing 13:00. I ‘m hearing things I never knew were there. JJ Cale’s Cocaine is unbelievably clear, tight musical etc (blows Clapton out the water) I could go on & on. Suffice to say I’m a happy chappy Brilliant work. Thank you for all your hard work and excellent service. All the very best from a very satisfied customer John Higgins


hi john,
Sorry I have been very busy, have looked at the arm and from what I can see its perfect, the sad bit is I wont be able to put it all together until winter when I get more time but thank you very much, your good man to know. Kind Regards Paul

(luxman arm)

Hello Johnnie,
I’m just back after a long trip away to the East Coast of the USA. I opened the box for the Luxman arm and everything looked great. I will report back on the sound in a few days. In the meantime I would like to send you Pics later of a Black Widow Tonearm that I acquired. It’s going to be a unique project. The Arm wand has been broken in half, Let me know what you think after I send the Pics. Thanks again for the nice work on the Luxman’ Frank

(sme 3009 with a hum problem)

Hi Johnnie,  I got the arm, and the silicon thanks! Arm is quiet, thanks so much for that, it sounds great now. How do I put the silicon in, where do I put it, and how much do I use? I haven’t compared the cables yet, but as soon as I have I will send one back.
Best wishes, Alex

(pu7 tone arm build)
Since my SP-10 base still is in the making, I could not resist the temptation…and made a new arm board for the SP-15. As you can see, I used some “hi-tech” measuring-equipment, but I think I got it close to the 265,4mm you specified to me earlier. A few adjustments & checks later, the Denon DL-304 was mounted. Checking the setup again, I tried the HI-FI News Test LP, and with just a minor increase in antiskating and needle pressure, it tracked the “torture-test” without distortion! ‘perfik’! And resonating at 9Hz, it kept the needle in the groove. After a few “first-tests”, I can say the arm help suppressing clicks & pops just fine. I will need some run-in time before I will judge the Sonics, (so far it sounds great!). Regards Arne 


Hi Johnnie,
I’m afraid I’m not on any hi-fi forums – too old and not that passionate, but I wanted to give you feedback.
Your advice was spot on and your help much appreciated.
I am attaching a photo of the repaired deck which is working perfectly.
It used to have a switch which gave a choice of 33 or 45 rpm but I was perfectly happy to do a repair which gave me only 33 rpm.
The repair, using the Linn pcb is very easy.  The new pcb fits in much the same area as the old one and the leads go straight in, black lead of the three to the motor goes in one of the grey sockets.  The layout of the board is the same as the original so no problms with location of leads or switch cable. The only sign of the change is that the three button switch is replaced with a single switch and I had to cut a slightly larger hole underneath for the slightly larger pcb – less than 1cm longer but its very easy to do.
So for just over £100 I have a great deck, working perfectly.  A real delight.


It’s your fault that I bought this!

What am I supposed to do now with all the so-called “studio masters” or CD quality downloads ?

With my new Linn LP12 (+ Sole VII, Audio Origami PU7, and vdH Condor) as they would say in France “il n’y a pas de photo” !

And the funniest thing is that the MC phono stage of my DarTZeel amplifier is, by far, not burned-in yet and the same applies to the PU7 I guess.

Just a few examples:

1. Brahms third symphony (Reiner, Chicago, RCA) on LP (original pressing, bought second hand) is just in another sonic dimension compared to the download. It is simply pointless to tell why. I go to a live concert every other week if you see what I mean.

2. Shostakovich 5th Symphony (Bernstein, New York, CBS) sounds as great as the download but much more “real” and with no congestion.

3. Things don’t improve when playing high resolution files. With my upgraded Linn I can listen at a much higher volume with no fatigue, no congestions, nothing but music.

When I just compare records before and after my upgrade I have to rely on my emotions more than on my memory. Well, in Eric Clapton’s Just one night, I have never heard the guitars sounding so “liquid”. In Genesis “Seconds out” (not the best recording I possess) the drums at the end of the concert are precise, fast and deep as ever. And I could continue endless with similar descriptions.

The other side of the coin is that I am rediscovering my LP’s collection and it is a lot of fun.

John & J7, thank you for your great support and after-sale service. I am just counting down the minutes to come back one day to Wales to have my Linn serviced again. And, who knows, maybe I should find some time to come to Scotland as well …. ?

Cheers, Stefano


  1. HI J, I’m just now listening the Linn Ekos tonearm you fixed. It’s really true that sometimes bad things happen for good things. I bought from ebay a defective ekos and now I have a wonderful tonearm fixed by you. An always favourite of mine, “The Fat Old Sun”, was never so fat and warm! Just a word…..thanks! Thanks for your wonderful job. Regards from Italy. Francesco

  2. Rega Planar 3 / RB300 rewire. Hi Johnnie I’ve spent the weekend listening to my rewired TTand I can honestly say I am stunned by the results. The difference is incredible. The standard of workmanship and results are first class. I would reccomend anyone who has an issue with a TT to place it in your very knowledgable hands. They will not be dissapointed. Thanks again for all your help and advice. I now need to save for a new cartridge LOL

  3. Hi John,

    I was told to contact you in regards to my looking for a counterweight to fit my Profile tonearm from a original Systemdek IIX. The kind people at audio note told me that you might have some ties with the manufacturer or that you would know where I could possibly have a weight made, or find a compatible one.

    The above thread contains a bunch of pictures of my exact arm, and what the counterweight should look like.

    Let me know if you have one that will fit, or if you know where I can order one.


  4. i may have one in stock

    can u send me the arm or mesure the rear stub diameter ?

  5. Hi Johnnie,
    Just a huge thank you for the fantastic customer service I received when you came to the flat to set up my Avid Acutus SME v . I learned more about turntables, arms ,setup and vinyl than I have in the last twenty years. Fantastic value and so very,very helpful . System sounding so much better now . Thanks again.

  6. Hi Johnnie
    I should say from the outset, it is very unusual for me to give feedback but you have given me such good service, I feel an obligation to tell others!
    It all started over a year ago when I acquired an elderly Linn LP12 and decided to restore it. The turntable was in a bad way and there were some serious issues such as a seized bearing and missing parts so I started by doing some research on the internet.
    Almost immediately it became clear that there was plenty of good and bad advice along with an extraordinary amount of “mythology” and nonsense. I have a background in engineering and I’m happy to accept this turntable needs care in its set up but it is, by no means, impossible. With time, care and common sense a quality set-up can be achieved by “amateurs”.
    Having ordered the most of the parts I needed from you (at very reasonable prices) I started the job but had to put the whole thing to one side due to a family crisis. Picking up again where I left off, we recently had a couple of Skype conversations. The job is now complete and the turntable is working well. I am grateful for your help and advice and I hope you continue to provide the same excellent service to future customers.
    Steve (Solihull, West Mids)

    • thank you for taking the time to tell others…and let me know if i can help again

  7. Hi Johnnie
    Thank you for the internal rewire of my Linn Basik LV X Tone arm, it now sounds great, you did say it would benefit from a internal rewire and it certainly does, also thank you for all the useful information that you gave me.
    I would highly recommend anybody who has one of these tone arms to get in touch with you to arrange a rewire.
    Martin(Eynesbury, Cambs)

  8. Hi John,
    thanks for the brilliant work on the Ittok require & new cable. The result is brilliant.
    Also, many thanks for all your help & advice plus the hospitality, brew & ‘tunes’.
    Cheers Phil

  9. Hi John,
    What a great service you had provided in rewiring and upgrading my SME MK V tone arm internal wiring, also the telephone conversations we had which were very informative
    on the process that is used to carry out the work.
    While I appreciate you are running a business, your great enthusiasum and achievement
    to have so many submissions from a customer base is amazing.
    If there was an Oscar in the HIFI industry for customer performance I am confident you would have been the first recipient of the award
    Thank you

  10. Hi J,
    Just leaving feedback about the great work you did on my Manticore Musician arm. Thanks for putting up with all my questions! .It is really good to find someone who listens and the level of service is incredible. The arm sounds so much smoother than the rb250.Will be ordering the external cable asap!

  11. Johnnie you are the man…

    He was recommended to me from John Roberts at Midland AudioXchange when I asked about a Rega tone arm re -wire, I got in touch and spoke on the phone about possibilities. within a few day’s he started the job and recommend a ikeda(silver) internal re wire with the cardas gold cartridge tags( this will work with the cartridge with gold mail connectors that I had ) The external cable I asked Johnnie to have Swiss Lemo XLR on the Phono end as this was going to connect a Gryphon Legato Phono stage he said “No Problem !” He also recommended the Van Dam cable for to use OFC silver plated ! He also included the vertical bearing GODLIKE ADJUSTMENT for free !! All this done in a matter of 3 days and that includes delivery FANTASTIC HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
    I will post again when set up over the next week (awaiting speaker cable !) to comment on the sound……..

    Cheers Johnnie

  12. Sear Sir I am going to fit my trusty pu3 to an Oracle Delfi turntable would like to know the total weight of the pu3 to be able to choose the right feathers for the Oracle. Kind regards NWP

  13. hi Niels i don’t have a pub here to test …but i would take a guess at 800-900 grams
    hope that helps

  14. One day I took an old LP12 to Johnnie, i wanted to gradually upgrade with new and used parts which would eventually match Linn’s SE model. I went to j7 because he is a perfectionist with every job, big or small. Well four visits to j7 later almost every part has been replaced and its actually better imo than the SE as it has a PU7 on top. Forever indebted to you for your helpfulness, advice and patience 😉 I can say without a doubt I would never have reached this level of enjoyment without your assistance (or a second mortgage hehe) Thanks M8.

  15. Just got my Ittok back from j7. Silver wired and new tags. First impressions. Notes hang on longer, vocals have more emotion and nuance and the music is added to in a not insubstantial way.
    I’ll be doing more listening later today and I’ll comment further.
    Meantime, chalk up another success to the magician, J7
    Thanks also to the guys at Loud and Clear for their unique take on customer service.( sic ).
    Andy Gorman

  16. I found out about Audioorigami through a trusted friend who is a co-founder of Vertex AQ, and who used to work for Roksan some time ago. I have an early Roksan Xerxes T/T fitted with an Artemiz tonearm and Koetsu Black M/C cartridge with a Michell M/C Step-up/Power supply. The Artemiz arm was sent to Johnnie (Nilsen) at Audioorigami and over a short course of time, we built up an excellent relationship during which he shared many tricks of the Trade. Nothing was too much trouble for him, and we had a few gentle chuckles (at my expense) along the way. The analogue set-up now sounds wonderful and is a tribute to Johnnie’s expertise. One word of warning: Johnnie is a professional! One should not attempt (as I did, and failed) to re-wire/solder tonearms yourself. The Cardas wires used for the re-wiring are expensive and very fiddly to handle as well as solder to the (Cardas) DNIM plug used in the Artemiz. Leave it to Johnnie. He has the correct kit and knows EXACTLY what he is doing. Hats off to him!

  17. Albie Santos here again (See earlier post of January 26, 2016 at 5:44 pm). Sorry, but I should have said that the re-wiring was carried out with Ikeda silver wire (NOT Cardas wire) and Cardas Gold cartridge tags (with sleeving). My mistake!

  18. I first met Johnnie a couple of years back when he sorted out my systemdek III 900 for me after i managed to totally bugger up the suspension, trying to play an ep for my daughter (she thought it was an lp when she bought it). A few twiddles and tweaks later, while he chatted away over his shoulder about all things analogue, and the job was done.
    When I got home: my deck had never sounded better.
    I was using an RB300 with tungsten counterweight at the time and shortly thereafter had j7 do a full inner and outer Cardas rewire. Great job and big improvement.
    This was the first change in my set up for almost 20 years and I was getting itchy again.
    My first purchase was a Linn LP12 (mid 80s, Valhalla), which j7 set up and installed a gold Valhalla upgrade. This was followed by a used Ittok with full AO wiring, the Systemdek having been moved on to a friend.
    I was still using the same 10×5 I had on the Systemdek.
    Recently I found a lovely old Source which I got back from j7 last night. (Trusty RB300 and 10×5 fitted), all set up and balanced and sounding lovely.
    I now have the enviable task of choosing which kit to keep:

    Source/RB300/10×5/Croft Micro Phono/Leak Stereo 20/Yamaha NS-690


    Decided I am now one music room short!
    Rock room with Source and acoustic/vocal room for Linn…

    As my Source has many gold plated parts, a nice gold arm would finish it off nicely…if only I knew where to find one…

    Johnnie has been very helpful and an all round great guy during my upgrade process and reintroduction to hifi, never pushing me to spend more than I need and doing great work for an even better price.

    I can’t recommend j7 highly enough and should have posted this long before now but I have been too busy spinning vinyl 🙂

    When I first started looking for hifi answers and kept coming across ‘j7’ wherever I went, I thought: “he sounds like a handy bloke to know”. He could have been anywhere in the world-turns out we live in the same town!

    Cheers for everything mate.

    Can’t figure out how-so no pics 🙁

  19. Haven’t used vinyl for decades but recently needed to renovate some long-idle equipment (LP12 + TD/124 + SME arms).

    I was rather lucky to find Johnnie; my technical ignorance didn’t impede a friendly but professional experience, at very reasonable cost.

    Unequivocally recommended, whatever your expertise or budget.

    Thanks j7.

  20. Thanks Johnny for helping me sort out what do with the damaged Datum arm on my Logic Tempo turntable. Sorted me out with an RB202 as a replacement and some bearing oil and alignment protractor and so renovate everything. Thanks for you patience, detailed helped all working within my budget.. Having a fantastic time playing my vinyl now!

  21. Bought the oil kit weeks ago to give me something to look forward to once I could get mobile after surgery.
    Finally got round to replacing it in my LP12 tonight. Well overdue it was too. After an hour of meticulous cleaning, refilling and settling I sat back to check it was all ok.
    Got to say I wasn’t expecting the improvement in pace and mid range that I could hear.
    So the oil kit is a great purchase, particularly when there’s enough for the next refill as well.

  22. I contacted johnny, honestly not sure where i got his details, but i was end of my tether. My Planar 3 from the early 90’s had been serviced, 24v motor, new cart, and I was in love with vinyl again. However i was subjected to very annoying hum, making it virtually impossible to listen through headphones. i tried everything, having read lots and lots. Isolated that it wasn’t a ground loop, mains conditioner, positioning, everything written everywhere! But still the hum remained, in my head i was convinced it was the rca cable breaking down as the hum changed tone when i touched the cable. I decided a re-wire and seperate earth was the solution but heard mixed reports. Although fairly savvy I also didn’t fancy my chances of completing the job from a kit without causing damage. An email conversation with Johnny confirmed my suspicions. Never pushy, never ‘salesy’ he just gave me good helpful advice, and like mentioned elsewhere no question was too stupid. So I decided on an internal and external rewire of my trusty RB300. He even lets you book in advance so you are not without music for too long. His excellent customer serice continued, he rang me whilst working on my arm to query my request and again could easily have ‘sold’ me a new arm cue but just explained to me how to raise and lower. With that confirmed he told me it would be in the post the same day. Sure enough it arrived 2 days later (even though I’m on the isle of man). I had visitors over TT so spent a week just staring at this thing of beauty that had returned. Tonight I fitted it back on and wow………………… that was 3 hours ago, I have been spinning my favourite vinyl and marvelling at the sound quality. Even with a brand new cart in, that will need running in it is already miles and miles better. Detail, depth, soundstage, clarity. Cannot wait for the cart to bed in. But even as it is now – the best i have heard my RP3 sing. And of course the hum completely gone. I have to say as well when Johnny provided the price list I was convinced it was kit price but they are fitted prices and the workmanship is top notch a proper craftsman. I will use Johnny again if i ever upgrade, but due to his work and how my RP3 sounds I fear that will be a long time away – sorry! Fully recommended thanks for your work, service and advice.

  23. Purchased the oil kit a while ago to replace the oil that I used for my SME 10A and the difference was amazing, freer rotation and even quieter than originally. Have also used the oil on my Micro Seiki DQX-1000 and what a difference, great stuff.

  24. Really excellent service from Johnny in cleaning up my Linn Karma cartridge and taking some micro photographs to show the before and after effects of his clean. Anyone looking to upgrade, rebuild, rewire, or clean up their tone arm should call Johnny as their first port of call. Any advice of how to make your deck or arm sound or perform better should be taken as Johnny is to be fully trusted and can not be recommended enough.
    Many thanks, Paul

  25. I have recently received my Linn Ekos back after Johnnie repaired and serviced it. The results are superb and I’m delighted with it, also a quick turnaround and extremely reasonable price, highly recommended to all!

  26. Just had a Tangerine Audio Stiletto in fluted black and Plateau fitted by Johnnie.
    Listening results are excellent. My reaction to John was ” This thing is nuts”.
    Music just pours out of it. Notes are longer,sharper attack and longer sustain. Vocals are pin sharp,tuneful and emotional.
    I couldn’t be happier.
    Big thanks,again,to Johnnie and to the guys at Tangerine Audio for all their help.
    Maybe Santa’ll bring me a PU7 to make me really happy. Black please Ajax if you’re reading this.

  27. Thanks for the mods and advise you done for me regards rb300 stripped, polished, filled rewired with cardas from cartridge to rca’s and new tags, this has now all taken my already modded technics 1200 to a new level the rb300 was always a giant killer but now it’s more like a dragon slayer, it’s stunning, the best tonearm I’ve owed to date and that includes sme 4, haddock and various linn arms to name a few, by the way I’ve now fitter a hana sl cartridge which suit very well. The only problem I have now is if you can do this to a rega how good is the PU 7 going to guess ill have start saving to find out,
    Regards Phil from Brighton

  28. Hi Johnnie

    Just to say cant remember if I ever left any feedback when you sorted the bearings in my Linn Akito mk 1 arm and upgraded the wiring.

    well it plays and sounds bloody great .


  29. Hi Johnnie

    Big thanks for the lovely work you did for me on my Syrinx PU2, tracks well and sounds absolutely gorgeous .Many thanks so being patient and helping me , anyway thank you so much and will be coming back again soon .




    I have just changed from Linn black oil dating back to a Cirkus upgrade many years ago. The bearing was not dry but the oil was low. I listened to the three tracks listed at the end before the change then in reverse order after the change. In spite of reading the reviews I really wasn’t expecting to hear a noticeable difference even knowing that my kit is capable of showing small changes. Within 3 seconds of hearing the Ricky Lee Jones track I realised that this was a definite upgrade, better defined soundstage with more space between instruments, smoother more detailed voice and more musical. This was also true for the Cream track, but it was the Bach track that truly astonished me. I had been looking forward to hearing this double LP and was so disappointed that I just couldn’t get into it. After the change I could relate to it totally and marvel at how beautiful it is. These results are absolutely beyond all expectation even knowing that the main bearing is perhaps the most critical interface in the deck.
    Thank you John, I am truly astonished

    System: LP12/Cirkus/Sole/Lingo/Ekos/Troika/Jensen SUT/Audio Note M1 Phono/ modified Mr Liang 845 SET/Naim NACA5 cable/Living Voice OBX-R2

    Tracks: Ricky Lee Jones ‘Danny’s all star joint’ [WB56628] Cream Wheels of Fire’ ‘Crossroads’ [SPDLP2] & Yo-Yo Ma/Chris Tile/ Edgar Meyer ‘Bach Trios’ BVW530 [Nonesuch 558933-1]

  31. I sent my rega RB300 for a complete upgrade internal and external rewiring , polishing of the tonearm.. The sounds is great and wonderful!! I never heard sound my vinyl’s so good. Johnnie is a great and professional artist. In the next future I would like buy a Rega RB250 for another wonderful upgrade.
    This is the state of the art in a tonearm for my opinion from Italy.
    Thanks you very very much!! I will be coming back again soon .
    THE BEST!!

    Renzo from ITALY

  32. Very impressed with the product ,the service and the customer care provided by Jonnie.The external re wire is just what I have been looking for. I had spoken to many other providers whoes indifference was staggering. Jonnie stood out as an entheusiastic professional so he got the business and I would not hesitate to use his services again and to recommend him.

  33. Hi John.
    Just to let everyone know what a great job you did for my LP12.
    Lingo 4 and Skorpion baseplate fitted and the deck sounding fantastic.
    Thanks a million,

  34. Thank you very much Johnnie for the amazing and wonderful job you did on my Rega RB250. Complete upgrade, polishing, and internal and external rewiring, when I receive the arm and open, I can’t believe what my eyes see, is not possible, OMG, my old arm comes completely new.
    Thanks again and keep going your superb work, a real pride in the audio in the UK.

  35. Hello Johnnie,

    I love the work you done on my Linn Akito tonearm. I can’t believe how smooth the arm operates. The turntable has never sounded this great. Thanks a lot.

  36. Rewire SME 3009 series 3 wand, the difference in sound quality is absolutely amazing, ultra fast turnaround and invaluable advice given by the affable and approachable Johnnie, cannot recommend highly enough.

  37. Hi J7, SME arm arrived back today after a rewire and a superb job has been done. Fast turnaround and good communications through out the process. Very happy bunny this end and thoroughly recommend the service.

  38. Outstanding service. This is the second time I have used A.O. – first time was for a repair, this one was a purchase – and I simply could not be more pleased. Thanks again, J7. Jan in Amsterdam.

  39. Hi Johnnie,
    I am leaving feedback now although you rewired my tonearm four years ago.(Linn Ittok)
    I say that the service you provide and the quality of the work that you do is outstanding and although I thanked you at the time , thank you again.

  40. Hi J7.
    Thanks very much for the very quick manufacture of some shims to shim up my Roksan Tabriz Ti arm. Certainly saved me sometime. Get thm fitted at the week end .


  41. Hi J7!

    Thanks for your speedy and high quality work on my pet predated RB300.
    It looks awesome and I cannot wait for our new Gyro SE currently being built by Michell to be delivered to hear what it sounds like.

    Hope your digital microscope is behaving now.

    Thanks again for your excellent service. It’s very refreshing to someone who is rapidly (or do I mean rabidly?) turning into a grumpy old cynic by modern standards of product and service.

    Note for potential customers: buy one of Johnnie’s excellent boxes for transport – I couldn’t believe the state it arrived back in after 3 trips between Berkshire and Glasgow (well beaten up, but everything safe and sound inside).

    Next job – what can you do to an SME 310 for me?

    Kindest regards,

  42. Johnnie isn’t just the supreme expert in what he does. He is also a very friendly guy and a great asset to the vinyl audio world.

  43. I had my Technics 1210 arm rewired internally,externally and filled a few months back, Once i reinstalled the arm my immediate reaction was how much more open and extended everything was ! But i wanted to leave it a while to live with and see if i still felt the same way before replying , as with all these things its easy to get carried away when you have an investment in wanting it to sound good – right ?

    I have to say that a few months later and i am still very excited about this upgrade. It turns what is a good, solid sounding – but dark and shut in deck – into an open, extended and much more transparent deck for relatively little outlay. I can’t believe all this came from an arm rewire !

    To put this into perspective i also have an LP12, Lingo and Aro with Linn Adikt and when i switch back, although the LP12 is better in terms of flow and overall musicality, in many ways the Technics is more detailed and rock solid in terms of pitch and timing and stands up very well against the LP12 it. I should also point out that the 1210 is otherwise unmodified so in terms of sound per pound, the Technics now Rocks !

    I’ve gotta hand it to you Johnnie, you really live up to the hype and reputation !! Keep it going mate.

  44. Johnnie
    Just got my rewired SME 3S back, plugged it in and its singing again. Thanks for your great services and advice, saved my 45 year old arm and deck and I can now upgrade my cartridge as planned

  45. Johnnie worked on my SME3012R (checkout, rewire, RCA conversion) some time ago. A truly outstanding service! The arm is a gem now, it is at a heart of my system. It came back promptly and in like new condition. I like to know what is being done, especially to such an precious item, and the communication with Johnnie was just perfect. He was keeping me informed about all his findings and steps during the process. In my view Johnnie is an extremely fine and experienced tonearm specialist, one of a few worldwide I’d say. At the same time being a kind, direct, and a very approachable person. I also got a couple of Ikeda silver head shell wires. A great value, they are now working with my best cartridges. Thanks a lot for your great services j7 & keep up with the good work! Analogue world needs you!

  46. Just received a new Audio Origami tonearm cable from Johnnie to replace the original that came with my Ittok arm. The new cable is a far better constructed affair and has made a huge sonic improvement which can be heard in a greater solidity to the music; I am hearing greater bass depth and tonality and a marked increase in detail coming through.
    Johnnie also gave me some of his bearing oil for my LP12 and full instructions on how to replace with a really useful kit to make the process easy.
    I am delighted to have done all this without the usual access to a dealer at this time (Covid-19), but I could only have done this successfully with Johnnie’s help and advice.
    A great person to deal with. I hope to request his service again for a health check/rewire of the Ittok arm itself, but for now I am delighted. Thanks again Johnnie!

  47. I had a hum from my arm, which wasn’t audible once the music started. Over the last 7yrs I’ve lived with it, but it gradually got worse and could be heard on quiet passages. So I began to investigate and thought I had a ground loop. Tried everything, deck semi dismantled changed the deck power cable,ran earth’s etc… Only for it to get worse. Until finally just a loud hum and no sound.
    After pulling my hair out and looking at new arms,I decided I needed a rewire to the 40yr old internal wire. As it’s an Alphason HR 100 MCS I’d opted for the ikeda silver wire.

    There was only one person who was going to do this and after finding my emails to him with pics of the arm etc I contacted him for said rewire. Unfortunately Johnnie was fully booked for the next 4 weeks, so I’d just have to wait.

    Ffwd 3.5 weeks and Johnnie says I can send him my arm.
    The day it arrives I got a call from him to tell me what the problem is. ” It’s your tonearm cable!! Who the F#ck did this? Unshielded, wires shorted , bits of sellotape and too top it off a load of loctite all round the base to stop the wires from getting pulled. One of the worst Jobs he’s seen said Johnnie, and he’s seen quite a few.
    Needless to say Johnnie worked his magic, clicked his fingers and got his little ‘Kondo’ fairies to set about the repair. Whilst he had himself a pot of tea.
    “You’re gonna have to leave it with me cos I’ve got to really prepare myself for this of a job.”

    Ffwd 2 weeks and just as I’m wondering if he’s had a chance to attempt it I get a text telling me the operation went well and she’ll live. Hoorah !!!
    We had a little chat finalising the new tags I wanted and then he told me the price, and I was waiting for him to tell me the rest of the costs and he said that’s it.
    Well to finally resolve the nasty hum that had plagued me I would have gladly paid 5 times what Johnnie charged me. Shhh But don’t tell him that.

    If you’re reading this and you are thinking about having any work done, I can only say you’re in the right place, don’t even hesitate. Johnnie’s a great guy straight talking and just does the business how it should be done. Top class workmanship. My kinda of guy.

    As I sit here enjoying my vinyl, like I haven’t heard it as good as this for the last 7 years!!! It really has enhanced my sound tenfold. ( Why didn’t I send it sooner?? ) I have to keep reminding myself it’s on phono already. The silence, I’m loving it.

    Johnnie, I just can’t thank you enough.


    Sth London.

  48. Just received my RB303 arm with a Cardas 33ga rewire and super ofc external cable. It is the last upgrade on my already heavily modified RP6 and certainly one of the best……soundstage and detail are now incredible. I had originally wanted the arm polished as well but after discussions with Johnnie decided not to so many thanks for the advice. From sending the arm off to return was only two weeks so I’m really pleased with both the service and the end result.

  49. Back in October I approached Johnnie to rewire my SME3009, the tags had come off when I removed the cartridge that had been on it for the best part of 40 something years. I removed the cartridge to check it on my other arm as there had been a bit of a hum and a channel not always working ok. As I am not too far away from Johnnie i was able to drop the arm of myself and pick it up once done, Although he said it was probably going to take 2 or 3 weeks he turned it around in a mere 10 days which was great. he also said before the rewire, it would probably be enough to just replace the tags, but i opted for the rewire, turns out he was right. it looks like the issue was with the cartridge, and with the SME3009 being an arm with a fairly light tracking weight he did give me a very good suggestion for a replacement cartridge. All and all a very good service and a quick turnaround. Thanks.

  50. I would just like to say thanks again to Johnnie at Audio Origami for the rewire and rca conversion he did on my SME 3009 Tonearm. It sounds great and Its lifted my upgraded Thorens TD160 Turntable to another level. Johnnie is honest and friendly and provides a top quality service and advice.

  51. I have owned SME pickup arms all my long life and like the add says, ‘ Best pickup arm in the world’. Well I also think so. Owning these beautiful arms – 3012 & 3009R and taking the utmost care to maintain therm like new condition has been a passion for many years. At some point though they need a professional check and even an important rewire to bring the arm back up to its original performance or better.

    This is where Johnnie comes in. Until recently I was frightened to trust any one to touch my beautiful arms ( 4 SME’s ) let alone take them apart. That was until I took the courage to send one of my 3012 series 2 arm’s to Johnnie for a Cardas rewire and general service. I am a retired precision engineer & for my sins a perfectionist, so it takes a lot of trust in someone to let someone work on my pickup arm. Once I had sent off my arm to Johnnie I was frantic with worry but all was good because when the arm arrived back including the fitted stainless steel armatube, which I supplied and asked Johnny to fit, it looked truly amazing and like brand new out of the box.

    I am truly grateful to Johnnie and his skilled workmanship and have nothing but praise for someone who clearly has a lot of respect for our precious pickup arms, whatever their make.

    If you are one of those people who until now have worried about allowing someone like Johnnie to service or repair your arm then worry no longer. Like all of his customers you will be thrilled and utterly amazed at how your arm will be totally restored to better than new in many cases.

  52. My very old Ekos (red dot) had a siezed tracking force adjuster and a broken arm rest. I sent the arm to Johnnie who sorted the tracking force, the arm rest and rewired the arm. This was all done within two weeks to an amazing standard. To say I’m impressed is an understatement

  53. My SME tonearm looks as good as new and ready for another 40 years of service
    I am extremely pleased with the work, Johnnie has worked his magic.
    Service is second to none

  54. Hello,
    Could you please post your email address since when I click on the link on your website the laptop doesn’t let me sign in to yahoo. It’s probably a yahoo setting but while I’m looking into that could you just post your contact email as reply to this comment.
    I ‘ve been told to contact J7 at Audio Origami since I would like to have my tone arm cartridge wires renewed. My tone arm is an SME 3009 S2 Improved. The sound is coming out of just one channel and I when I thought the connection of the wire to the ends might be the problem but when I’ve tried to solder the wires back on to the ends I’ve decided the job is too difficult for me so I would like to get it sent off to yourselves to check the wiring and either replace the ends or pass new wire through the tone arm and test that both channels are working (since it could be my cartridge I suppose).
    Anyway please get in touch when you can so I can send the tone arm off to you for repair.

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