Winner for the best Arm: PU7

“Superbly made bespoke arm from Glaswegian specialist maker…”
Tony Bolton – March 2014 – Pu7 12″ Review

“The AO rb250 fitted to the technics had the full mods fitted, and the result was simply breathtaking”
David Price — Editor  HiFi World Magazine

“With the invaluable assistance of the brilliant Johnnie at Audio Origami”
Adam Smith — Asst Editor HiFi World magazine letters page

“Once I got the VTA correct and everything snaps into focus and the treble is super clear, I had a good listen.
Obviously, I haven’t run the cables (and tone-arm wire) in yet, but it is truly fantastic.
In particular, the bass is SO tight, SO deep and SO clear!
Tons better than the Mayware arm.”
Neville Roberts — HiFi writer

“The AO rb250 in the garrard 301, now sounds like the arm is on steroids!!”
John May — HiFi writer